February 5, 2010

Letterpress on the Horizon

For an upcoming project I will be experimenting with letterpress typesetting. I have done no letterpress printing so far in my life so everything will be new. My completely cool dad has given me permission to try out these blocks, which he came across in his wanderings. I'll post results... if I can figure out the process! (The blocks above include: Rolls Royce, Greenville Country Club, FTD, Virginia Military Institute, Mack, The Greenville News, Pontiac, the South Carolina State Seal, American Legion, Pepsi-Cola and the US National League.)


  1. I love the Pepsi Co and Rolls Royce blocks. Are you going to use the proof press at BJU?

  2. Yeah, Alex. That is the plan. You should come by and show me the ropes and print some stuff too!

  3. Nice! Thanks for the linkage Sweetie.