August 31, 2010

Frazee on Facebook

For Frazee Dream Center's Facebook presence I created this profile identity. The icon and logotype were arranged to accommodate Facebook's layout, but can still be quickly associated with the Frazee identity at a glance. If you are in the Greenville area check out their page for volunteer opportunities and other ways you can help the Center!

Frazee Dream Center

This summer I developed a logo for the Frazee Dream Center in West Greenville, South Carolina. I wanted the design to reflect the Center's mission to guide children in character, academics and emotional wellness.

Since 2006 the Frazee Dream Center has purposed to make a
difference in their community. Their slogan, “Life is looking
up”, captures not only the Center’s own desire, but also
describes their engagement of under resourced children in
activities and learning that lead them to look beyond what is
and to dream of what could be. The Dream Center’s presence
offers stability for many neighborhood children, providing
safe and fun after school programs. This mark reflects the
slogan, “Life is looking up”, with the use of clouds. The clouds
represent the dreams and possibilities and are positioned
above the foundation of the Frazee Dream Center’s name. The
colors used also underscore the center’s mission using blue
reflecting dreams and looking up and black providing the
foundation. It is safe to look up when life’s foundation is stable.

August 21, 2010

BE Tour of America 2010

This summer Bare Minerals is Touring the US to educate consumers about their products. A friend and I were lucky enough to run into the Bare Minerals team in Boulder last week on their first stop of the West Coast tour. We were offered free samples and a complimentary make-under! Who could say no to that?

And who can say no to the cute make over van?!

 Our new friend Deborah customized our looks while explaining her product's benefits and features.

 The Bare Minerals team has created a well designed, interactive experience to reach their market. Attractive design, knowledgeable makeup artists and a great product have me convinced! To learn more about the tour or the products visit

August 18, 2010

Deluxe Burger

Check out this super cute burger stop on East Colfax Ave. in Denver! After founding two Denver restaurants (Deluxe and Delite), chef Dylan Moore opened Deluxe Burger in order to satisfy the market for "gourmet comfort foods in a casual environment". Deluxe Burger boasts an exciting menu served up with outstanding design. If you're in the area be sure to stop in and try it out!

Deluxe Burger shares its space with an inviting mid century modern home shop, Mod Livin'.

Say yes to the vintage-y orange fridge as well as the brilliantly basic packaging design! I got my scraps to go just so I could carry out the fabulous sack.

The Denver Burger and Lemonade with a tint of mint!

BBQ Burger

The web design keeps up the retro orange look established in the restaurant.

If you are as impressed with Dylan Moore as I am you'll want to know what he's up to next! Check out the fabulous Deluxe Street Food concept Moore is pursuing and keep an eye out for the truck if you're in the Denver, CO area.

August 17, 2010

Denver on Design

A few shots from my week in Denver. 
Lots of inspiration to motivate my return to work...

Matthew Brannon | Last to Know | Denver Art Museum

Chautauqua Park | Boulder, CO



August 12, 2010

Vacation with Vera

I'm heading out for summer vacation this week (It's finally here!) and I don't like to travel without my Vera Bradley. The colors are so cheery and the chances of losing your bag on the airline carousel are drastically reduced with one of these lovelies. Vera gets a bum rap as a grandma bag but I think it's really quite fun! Don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting you wear these around town everyday, but why not brighten your luggage?

I like to mix it up with different patterns for each piece but a complete set also makes an upbeat statement. I'm leaving for Denver with my Vera duffle, cosmetic case and wallet. Wish me luck and enjoy the gorgeous patterns gathered below. What's your pattern? (Images:

Above Clockwise: All in One Wristlet $32 | Large Duffel $80 | Beach Towel $30 | Umbrella $28 | Zip-Around Wallet $38 || Patterns (left to right): Daisy Daisy, Paprika, Sittin in a Tree, Raspberry Fizz, Night Owl, Bali Gold

August 5, 2010

Long Live Vintage

Fossil's Long Live Art Series is a collaboration including the Fossil team and four artists. The featured artists: Dolan Geiman, Paige Russell, Hatch Show Print and Yellow Owl workshop, "[were] asked to create one original work using their favorite media that illustrates what Long Live Vintage means to them."

 What I liked in particular this morning were the desktop decorations each artist made available! I chose Dolan Geiman's yellow bird. Check out these vintage downloads to inspire your workspace and Get yours here!

August 4, 2010

French Practice!

This week some friends and I enjoyed movie night with Les Parapluie de Cherbourg (1964). This is a delightful French musical that I would recommend to anyone. So while I'm recommending French movies... I wanted to pass along a few more in case your French is getting as rusty (or nonexistent) as mine!

Amelie (2001) would be a fabulous date night pick. The scenery and quirky scenarios made me watch this one two times in a row. You cannot resist falling in love with Audrey Tautou in this charming classic.

If you're looking for a thrill and intrigue La Moustache (2005) will have you scratching your head at the end... and probably throughout the entire rest of the film as well. Vincent Lindon stars in this strange twister.

Next up I am recommending The Chorus (2004). Who doesn't want to see the unloved boys of this world find their place through the guidance of a caring teacher? *Tear* I need to watch this again myself! Movie night anyone?

Want something a little more current? Coco Before Chanel was released in 2009. It is inspiring to watch our heroine struggle through her early life and still create one of the worlds best loved brands. Our dear friend Audrey Tautou makes another stunning appearance in this film playing the part of Chanel.

What French (or foreign) films do you recommend?