August 31, 2010

Frazee Dream Center

This summer I developed a logo for the Frazee Dream Center in West Greenville, South Carolina. I wanted the design to reflect the Center's mission to guide children in character, academics and emotional wellness.

Since 2006 the Frazee Dream Center has purposed to make a
difference in their community. Their slogan, “Life is looking
up”, captures not only the Center’s own desire, but also
describes their engagement of under resourced children in
activities and learning that lead them to look beyond what is
and to dream of what could be. The Dream Center’s presence
offers stability for many neighborhood children, providing
safe and fun after school programs. This mark reflects the
slogan, “Life is looking up”, with the use of clouds. The clouds
represent the dreams and possibilities and are positioned
above the foundation of the Frazee Dream Center’s name. The
colors used also underscore the center’s mission using blue
reflecting dreams and looking up and black providing the
foundation. It is safe to look up when life’s foundation is stable.

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