August 4, 2010

French Practice!

This week some friends and I enjoyed movie night with Les Parapluie de Cherbourg (1964). This is a delightful French musical that I would recommend to anyone. So while I'm recommending French movies... I wanted to pass along a few more in case your French is getting as rusty (or nonexistent) as mine!

Amelie (2001) would be a fabulous date night pick. The scenery and quirky scenarios made me watch this one two times in a row. You cannot resist falling in love with Audrey Tautou in this charming classic.

If you're looking for a thrill and intrigue La Moustache (2005) will have you scratching your head at the end... and probably throughout the entire rest of the film as well. Vincent Lindon stars in this strange twister.

Next up I am recommending The Chorus (2004). Who doesn't want to see the unloved boys of this world find their place through the guidance of a caring teacher? *Tear* I need to watch this again myself! Movie night anyone?

Want something a little more current? Coco Before Chanel was released in 2009. It is inspiring to watch our heroine struggle through her early life and still create one of the worlds best loved brands. Our dear friend Audrey Tautou makes another stunning appearance in this film playing the part of Chanel.

What French (or foreign) films do you recommend?

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