October 30, 2009


So I've been pondering installations, guerrilla marketing campaigns and the like. I will soon be creating an installation so a little research is in order. There are great examples to be found of guerrilla marketing. These campaigns generally grab the viewers attention in a less obnoxious way than traditional advertising.

As a graphic designer I naturally want an installation to have a purpose... this could be to convey a message or to promote a product. The best example I thought of for installations promoting products is the store window. And when it comes to store windows who does it better than Anthropologie? They have a way of blending their installations into the space to create a functionally beautiful vibe.

Despite my musings on beautifully decorated shopping experiences, I don't know if that is the goal of this project, so I'll be researching more in the hours to come!


Most of these lovely Anthro images were taken here.

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