November 8, 2009

Guerrilla Bikes

I'm in sunny California this week and have my eye out for creative installations and guerrilla marketing ideas. I came across this classic Schwinn chained to an electrical pole in Newport Beach. This picture was taken a few yards from the ocean. Beach-goers interested in seeing more of the area can rent a bike ($5.50-8 per/hour) to explore Newport and Balboa Island. This cute vintage bike was placed nearby to promote the sport. I came across the same idea two years ago in Charleston, SC. The city wanted to promote bike riding for various reasons (parking, environmental, etc.) and did a fabulous job putting together bike installations with themes and colors to match surrounding shops.

I dug up the old pictures from Charleston. The last image is of the Blue Bicycle Books store. The adorable blue bike with a stack of appropriately colored books is irresistible! Who wouldn't want to stop in to browse? 

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